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Underwear Problems

Can we all just admit we have underwear problems?

My family just cringed when they read that statement. They think I have no filter, but man, if they only knew the things I DON'T say….

A couple of weeks ago, we went on a road trip with friends. We were in the car together for several hours. Lots of conversations. Lots of fixing the world's problems. Lots of light hearted banter. Lots of being goofy. And finally we got to the topic of underwear.

The conversation started as we talked about Duluth Clothing Company and how much we like their clothes. All for of us had something from Duluth we wear. The guys liked their "Ball Room Firehose" pants, I like the "No Yank Tanks", and my friend had a dress she likes. Then I asked the question, "Do you have any of their underwear?" The guys both did. Andy doesn't see anything special about

them. The guy only wears Duluth brand underwear. My friend has one pair and isn’t smitten. I don’t have any.

As my friend was telling me the attributes of the brand of underwear she does love, for some reason, I felt the need to blurt out, "I don't have a problem with my underwear." Evidently, there happened to be a lull in the guys' conversation there in the front seat, and they caught wind of that little announcement.

Then my mind started racing back to all the times, those times in recent history even, that I have had underwear issues.

To be honest, in recent years, I have purged from my life all the underwear that no longer fit me. You know, the ones that bind you. The ones that don’t stay put. The ones that creep up where they don’t belong. The ones that take up too much of your focus when wearing them. The ones that keep you from being all you can be during that 24 hours you have them on. The ones that just aren't for you. They're not your second skin.

However, even though I have purged the uncomfortable underwear out of my life, there are outside circumstances that give me trouble with my underwear. For example, when I wear denim with too much spandex, they ride down me taking my underwear along with them making me pull and tug on my underwear all day. Those outside forces take away my underwear peace.

Why all this talk about underwear? Well, it got me thinking. Everyone has underwear troubles at some point in their life. Unless of course you don't wear any. Then I am sure you have a whole set of other issues, but we won’t go into that. Underwear is kind of reflective of our nature. We try to fit into a mold that's not our size. We tug and struggle to keep up appearances, but in reality, we're not wearing the right things for our life. We’re not putting on what was made for us, the brand and the style that fit like second skin. Sometimes, it takes living a little of life before we realize that we just need to put on our big girl/ big boy pants so we can focus on the task at hand and get ‘er done instead of struggling with our fancy panties.

Yes, there will be times that outside influences will make us struggle, but the reality is, those circumstances shouldn't define who we are. We’re more than just our struggles....or our underwear.

Finally, let's all just admit there are times we do have underwear struggles. Nine times out of ten, others will be able to relate and who knows, you may just get advice on the perfect pair of underwear for you.


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