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Statements That Melt My Heart

In the last couple of weeks, we have had several guests make comments that have just melted my heart. They “got” my vision for this little restaurant located on our piece of dirt.

One local fellow who was seated in the middle of the dining area along with his sister said coming to the Bee-stro is like going to a friend’s house for dinner- it’s homey with good conversation. They knew several people seated around them and conversed with fellow diners over their meal, dessert and coffee. I love it when people who aren’t in the same dining party strike up conversations and enjoy their time reconnecting with old friends or end up making new ones.

When we go out to a local mom and pop establishment like ours, I always notice the bathroom. If the owners have put thought and care in the bathroom by having unique décor and keeping it clean, then I know they put the same thought and care into the rest of the place. Rarely does anyone comment on our bathroom, but a guest from Michigan did. She said, “I love this place! Your bathroom is so neat!” I chuckled and said, “I hope you still love it after you try our food!” She loved the food, too.

One recent duo was a mother and daughter. The mother moved to the area four years ago from California to be near her daughter. They asked to speak to the “chef”. The “chef” at the time was also the “dishwasher” and had her hands in a sink of dish water. (I am getting ready to change the pronoun in this paragraph something I was taught never to do in English class, but hey, I am using creative license and I wear many hats around here!) Anyway, when I dried off my hands and went to their table, they were so, so complimentary. The mother told me she had not had “cuisine” like this since leaving California. I smiled and automatically put my hand to my heart because she had touched I so, and told her no one had ever called my food “cuisine” before and that I just call it “good ol’ Hoosier grubb food”. Her daughter asked me where I went to culinary school. I told her I didn’t. I am just a foodie that enjoys making food and that food is my creative outlet. (I am a firm believer that EVERYONE has a creative outlet.)

We had a group from Carmel, Indiana come for lunch. They were in the area to visit a local attraction and just happened to find us using Google when they searched local restaurants. They loved the atmosphere, the staff, and the food. They called us a “treasure” they were happy they had found.

All of these comments are little “treasures” to me. Some of the statements are validation that we are hitting the mark of the feel and the atmosphere we hoped to create here at our little Bee-stro in rural west-central Indiana. Other statements shock me. I like the taste of my own food, but it still shocks me that people think it’s unique. Maybe it’s because I have grown up with this way of cooking.

The photo above is a screen shot from a review a recent guest gave. She lives in Iowa and was in the area for business when she came to the Bee-stro. It makes me feel like I am doing what I was created to do when we receive comments and reviews like these. Praise Jesus!

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