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Moving Forward

When I started this blog series, I thought I had escaped what one associates with cancer- chemo, radiation, possibly death. Having that thought kept me from the realization that I had cancer. To be honest, I focused more on no longer having to deal with periods than having cancer.

During the writing of the blog, I got the call for my follow-up appointment with Dr. Callahan. Even though the pathology report came back the lymph nodes (I now have been told how to spell it.) and all other of the “extra parts” outside the uterus were cancer free, the words chemo and radiation were recommended and will be discussed at my Nov. 1 post-op appointment. That in my mind makes me feel like I really had cancer. Poohy.

I called Dr. Stockrahm after I received the call. He told me that Dr. Callahan and his team are the ones with the research and knowledge and are really some of the best in the nation and that I need to trust them. He reiterated again that the form of cancer I had was the most aggressive form and if one cell was left behind, well, if it showed up in a different location, “That would be a different story.” He said to do whatever they recommend so I could get cancer behind me and move on with life.

He also reminded me how fortunate I was that it was found and dealt with early. And really the blessing that the report Dr. Callahan was able to give Andy right after surgery, that it looked contained and it looked like they got it all was a much better report than he could have given if we waited.

So, I guess I not am only period free, but I am also cancer free…and I want to stay that way- even if it means chemo, radiation, or both.

So far, this cancer hiccup has been pretty positive. But to be honest, chemo and radiation, they don’t sound so fun. And they make the journey not quite over.

I’m trying to focus on the positive. The idea of possibly loosing my hair isn’t bad. I was getting tired of coloring it anyway, plus, I have lots of hats I never get the chance to wear. Someone else told me they no longer had to shave their legs after radiation. I like the sound of that.

Bottom line. This isn’t going to define me. I have been calling this cancer thing a hiccup in life and sometimes hiccups persist longer than you would like. It’s not that I am afraid of dying. It’s that I am afraid of not living well. If going through this hiccup causes me to live well-er, then let’s do it.

As far as the Bee-stro goes, we are continuing to plan for 2024 and the future. We’re not ready to stop serving guests yet. You all feed my soul too much. Hearing your chatter and laughter makes my soul happy and when I get to be out front, I love hearing your stories. So many of you have impacted our lives by becoming friends, not just guests.

I was told not to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs. during my 8 week recovery, so during this time, I am doing minimal work in the kitchen. Most of my time is spent directing, which I think everyone would say is an irritating strong point of mine- haha. However, I will sneak out and make some items just so I don’t get stale. 😊

The time out of the kitchen is allowing me to create in other ways. There are other ideas that have been brewing in my head over the years that only require me to sit on my bum and work on the computer. Time in the past hasn’t allowed those pursuits, but I think this hiccup is allowing me time to flesh out those things. So my creative juices are still flowing.

I realized I have talked about the staff and the doctors, but I have not talked about the most important person in all this- my hunk o’ hunk of burning love, Andy. There’s just too much to say to know where to start, yet anything I say isn’t enough. Every hope, every dream, every plan, he has helped to either fulfil, or if it’s been God’s to fulfill, Andy has walked it along side me. He’s my biggest cheerleader and the one who makes Jesus easier to understand. He’s all that and a bag of chips.

Thank you for reading this blog. The feedback I have received has been so encouraging. Some have said they like my writing style, which is flattering and nice to hear. I write like I speak- what comes into my head without a lot of thought. Hearing your own cancer hiccups and how you have overcome has been so inspiring. Some have shared their own current hiccups and I am now praying for you. And the many, many prayers that have gone up for us, I just can’t thank you enough for feeling like we have touched your lives enough to stand in the gap for us with The Father. Thank you.

I’ll keep you posted.

Love & Blessings,



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