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Soup:  Can be made a few days before, then reheated in crockpot. I have found melting the cream cheese & the fake velveeta in the oven at 350 uncovered for 30 min and then stirred smooth before adding keeps it from lumping.

Southwest Salad can be made a few days ahead.  It doesn't get served on lettuce.  Top with tortilla strips and serve with side of ranch.

Hot Mess Chicken:  Best when chicken is cooked in roaster overnight.  Pull out chicken & add cream cheese and ranch seasoning to broth.  Let soften.  Hit with immersion blender.  Add shredded chicken, tomatoes, & bacon back in.  Have Judah taste for adjustments.

Helen's Chicken & Dressing:  Lynn is making the dish.  Someone will need to make cranberry sauce during the week.

It's easy to forget to make the Joe's the morning of.  Don't forget it.

Servers:  Notice that the Southwest Quinoa doesn't get bread & they pick their desserts.


Meatloaf:  Can be mixed a few days ahead and shaped into 8 oz loaves.  We're making 30#.  Half get baked each night.  Ketchup is in cans under the island.  Leftovers are saved for sloppy joe.

Turkey Breasts:  Bake half each night.  Save and freeze leftovers.

Country Style Ribs:  Need to be started each morning in roaster with Shoups on top!!!!  Cook at 300 degrees, but keep an eye on them.  They may need turned down.  Sauce goes on after their time in the roaster.  Save & freeze leftovers.

Barbecue Sauce for ribs:  Can be made several days before & refrigerated.

Food Trailer:

Andy will need help starting at 7:00am to get the soups ready for the food trailer.  Any soups that can be made prior and just heated the morning of would be great.   Lynn & Amy are tag teaming the soup detail.   The food trailer goes out on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Sausage, Potato, Kale Soup (Zuppa): kale is in the bottom drawer of produce refrigerator


Sloppy Joe

Baked Potatoes- Andy, you will need to start them at 375 degrees at 6:30 each morning.

As days continue, we may need to adjust what goes on the food trailer, especially desserts.

Sami- will be baking cookies.  Tanner & Vivian can box them for the food trailer.


Sami is working on making the desserts.  

Angel food cake- 5 are in the big freezer in the garage.  They need taken out the day before icing and the icing made the day prior to icing so it can be refrigerated.  I mix it in the Ninja blender prior to cooking to make sure the eggs are smooth.  Warning:  it's a pain because the icing likes to slip.

Peanut Butter Cheesecake:  Three are in the freezer under the window.  One is boxed in the big freezer in the garage.  Sami will be making a couple more.

Honey Beehive Cakes:  They are made & in the big freezer in the garage.  Also get out the little round ones for bites plates.  They get topped with Honey Sauce that is currently, as I type, on the island in the kitchen.

Chocolate Tortes are in their normal place in the freezer.

Servers:  Note the Honey Beehives get scoops of ice cream, but they are the blue handled scoops.  Ice Cream is not added to the bites plates.  

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